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Titel / Title Seven 
Label Unique Leader Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits veröffentlicht/ already released 
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Brutal Death Metal from Germany, Retaliation just released their first full-length called „Seven“. While I lately had quite some debuts on my desk, that really lacked intensity, uniqueness, new ideas or simply technical perfection, Retaliation somehow managed to master all those with ease. This album features technically superb Death Metal that captivates you from the first song „Hope Of Zion“.
They somehow manage to walk the fine line between nervwracking technical stuff and stunning riffs that Technical Death Metal brings along. Retaliation have fast paced passages with extremely fast technical riffing, but always slow down to groovier passages and more progressive parts just at the right moment, like for example in „Tragedy Of The Servant“. They manage to keep the groove in their music, something that often gets lots while going crazy with complex rhythm or song structures. Going all too deep into the songs would be too much, but I can assure you it´s pure fun listening to those creative outbreaks the Germans are having on this CD. One can only hope, that after they managed to release such a record, despite some line-up changes, they will now stick to this line-up and release some more killer Death Metal pieces like „Seven“. Technical perfection is a big word, but I think this sextett comes pretty close to that and I personally am quite interested in what their future will bring for them!

Retaliation clearly show, that there´s lots of talent in the German extreme Metal underground that deserves some more attention. So why not check out some smaller bands next time, when you´re bored of stuff that the usual suspects are releasing? „Seven“ might be a good start.

Cornelia Wickel

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