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Titel / Title Lunatic Soul II 
Label Kscope / Snapper Music  
Total run time
50:45 min. 
Vö/Release25 / 10 / 2010 
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The singer and bassist of Polish prog rock band Riverside, Mariusz Duda presents in addition after his solo debut in 2008 the following album also in the German market: Lunatic Soul II, the sequel of Lunatic Souls I, which was about the death and reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. Even the white cover of Lunatic Souls II alludes to the state, the journey between life and death is in the "beyond", in an "after-life" arrived.

The music starts quiet, atmospheric and designed in oriental rhythmic way. A little Dead Can Dance can be guessed. No electric guitar. Although Mariusz Duda plays various stringed and wind instruments, he decided not to include rock elements like at Riverside. "Otherwere" is acoustic, Celtic, with minimal instrumentation and mixes with a sound collage that involves at the end a spoonful of Brazilian "world music".

Dariusz sings in English. He wants to be understood internationally and breaks through the limitation of regional Polish. The music and the vocals sound processed by influences are, in fact, not Polish, more international, or even British. A bit of Anathema or Brendan Perry shines through. In a variety of ways the nostalgia of European end of 60s/beginning of 70s progressive music as from Yes to King Crimson meets with the sound worlds of computer possibilities of our time.

The "Limbo" begins not fiery hot, but more worryingly cool, technologically, before "Escape From Paradise" swings acoustically into feverish heat. "Transition" is quite a reminiscent of Peter Gabrielīs acoustic fantasies like in "Passion"; shamanic mysteriously. A bit surprisingly and somewhat uninspired follows after the dynamic "Wanderings" the hidden end.

An album to explore and to experience, both musically, and in the spiritual sense behind it; beautifully presented as a folding cover with black and white photographs in the booklet. The more you listen, the more intense it opens up.

1. the in-between kingdom
2. otherwere
3. suspended in whiteness
4. ascoulum
5. limbo
6. escape from paradise
7. transition
8. gravestone hill
9. wanderings

Andreas Torneberg

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