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Vulture Industries

Titel / Title The Malefactor´s Bloody Register 
Label Dark Essence Records 
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The second album of those Norwegians sounds - well, just like their debut, pretty weird. The opener "Crooks & Sinners" gives a nice impression, mixing tough Industrial Black Metal, Prog, Emo-dramatical Clean Vocals with a touch of sarcasm and Avantgarde Flair. And it continues in such a manner, just as if Marilyn Manson and Mr. Bungle worked together to create an hommage to Frank Zappa, Volbeat and Children Of Bodom. I guess my attempt to describe the music says it all; it´s difficult to compare it with something, perhaps with Ulver´s Marriage of Heaven and Hell when it comes to being unique. Musically and stylistically Vulture Industries are still closely connected with Metal, which makes it interesting for fans of Opeth or The Ocean. Fans who are looking for the unusual should definitely check out this band, just because of the versatile singer Bjørnar Nilsen, who is said to deliver unforgettable live-shows as well. Right, just by listening I can imagine what might have happened during the recent Europe tour with Taake, Helheim und Sulphur...

Klaudia Weber

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