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Titel / Title Reinventing the Past 
Label Vic Records 
Total run time

FUCKING GREAT! Unfortunately it´s a rare event that a CD simply kicks you out of your socks right away, and that expectations raised by the first track are not getting disappointed until the very last song, a CD with that instant-fave potential to be destined for endless-over-and-over-rotation in your stereo.... To make it short, this is such a CD.

A certain Dan Swanö (Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath etc), producer of e.g. Opeth, Katatonia or Dark Funeral, fulfils a long time dream to record an album full of his all time favourite cover tracks . Dan Swanö does all vocals and instruments, except lead guitars by Marcus Vanhala, Tino Kallioniemi, Dag Swanö & Morgan Pettersson. Any more to say?

First, the song selection- including Rainbow, U.F.O and Depeche Mode - is brilliant, second, the „Swedish power Metal“ sound guarantees instant-gooseflesh and even tears-of-joy. Bonus to the album is the 1999 three track E.P. (remastered), cover and booklet art by Ivan S. Bragin (Hearse, The Gathering, October Tide). Therefore a MUST for all Power/Old School Metal fans, and a 100% recommendation for all the others, too!

Full tracklist: IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (SANDRA) feat. Marcus Vanhala on Lead Guitar EYES OF THE WORLD (RAINBOW) feat. Tino Kallioniemi on Lead Guitar SHAKE THE DISEASE (DEPECHE MODE) AT THE GALLOWS END (CANDLEMASS) GYPSY (URIAH HEEP) feat. Dag Swano" on Lead Guitar LOST HORIZONS (MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP) feat. Marcus Vanhala and Morgan Pettersson on lead guitars CHERRY - U.F.O. I AM TWO (remastered) I CARRY A SECRET (remastered) AMON-RA (remastered)

Klaudia Weber

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