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Titel / Title Human Hater 
Label Twilight Records  
Total run time
Vö/Release26. 11. 2010 
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Fans of the death glam rocker, Stoneman, had to wait three whole years for the new album „Human Hater“. But, it was worth all the waiting. After Dave Snow left the band, the rest of the guys quickly found a replacement. Cris is definitely a worthy successor.

Having finally returned from oblivion, the four Swiss present an album that is a winner in every aspect. The music is heavier but has still retained the typical Stoneman-y melodies. The new songs White Star, Hope You All Die Soon and Trail of Destruction turn out to be absolute hit songs – it’s hard to get it out of your head again. Also the title track captivates with a catchy chorus. This time the guys got some support from Wednesday 13 of the American band Murderdolls. He helped out with some vocals on Zombie Zoo. The eighth track of the record, Sugar Mama, invites the listeners to dance. Here they found the perfect harmony of singing and melody.

You get a real versatile album here. Musically and vocally, the band has tried a lot of new things but has still not forgotten its roots. With No Sweet November, there’s a very special bonus track on the album. The radio smash hit goes deep under your skin. The catchy melody and the beautiful lyrics will give you goose bumps, it aims straight for the heart. This song was written together with Van Velvet, a German songwriter.

There are two songs that don’t really work for me. I think, there’s too much chaos in Built of Anger and Kendra Comes and the high vocals a la Cradle of Filth are simply not my cup of tea but it’s a matter of taste. On every album, Mikki Chixx always has a lot of surprises in store. Especially on this album he shows what he can do, vocally. No matter if it's screams, growls or soft, clean vocals, this guy knows his instrument and, more importantly, he knows how to use it.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Gransalke

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