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Titel / Title Hellspawn 
Label Gods Of War Productions 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits veröffentlicht/already released 
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You can never go wrong with Polish Death Metal and this proves to be true once again in case of Pandemonium and their 2007 CD „Hellspawn“ (however, we received it only now in 2010). This piece of evilness is dark, it´s gloomy, it´s typical Polish Death Metal with a portion of Thrash.

Like their colleagues in this genre, they are not into nice and calm stuff, „Frost“ kicks in with brutal riffs and vocals right from the beginning, followed by the similarly evil „Hellspawn“ and „Hypnotic Dimension“. The band has been around for 20 years now and one could expect, that by now they really know what they´re doing. Apart from some parts, where it seems as if they can´t really decide which genre they belong to, it works fairly well. Apart from the aforementioned Death/Black influences you can clearly hear the impact of old school Thrash in their songs, an explosive mixture! The whole CD is one piece of hard, straightforward brutalness that makes you bang your head and go crazy. Just one thing, while their mix of different genres is surely not a bad thing, I´d like them more, if they were concentrating more on the Death Metal part. Black Metal is nice, but they´re lacking some quivering coldness that the Northern BM acts bring along in their sound. Apart from that: They might not be as famous as their fellow countryman, but this shouldn´t stop you from giving „Hellspawn“ a try.

Cornelia Wickel

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