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Titel / Title Hypokrit 
Label KB/ Cargo 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/ already released 
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Time for some Punk between all the Metal stuff. Soifass released a new album „Hypokrit“ after roughly six years of silence and the split-up in 2007 and reunion one year later. Streetpunk/rock and Co seems to be quite fashionable lately (Frei.Wild and Co), so the album has been released just at the right time!
The material present on „Hypokrit“ is energetic, aggressive-melodic and powerful and comes along with meaningful texts, so you can´t compare it to the three-accord-Oi-thrashing that´s all about drinking, being drunk and fighting. There´s nothing to complain about the songs themselves, since it´s easy listening and melodies get into your ears quite fast. Something that you can complain about though is the fact, that after a while the songs start sounding pretty much alike. You simply miss THE song that you remember after having listened to it for the first time, some song that really gets stuck in your ears, which is a pity. But else it´s a nice, rough album, to which the rowdily, rough voice of the vocalist fits perfectly – though it could´ve been a bit louder, compared to the rest of the sound. Unfortunately the sound as a whole is another minus – the production is clearly not as good as it probably could´ve been. One part of the album that gets a plus is the artwork though, nice foldable digipack and cool comic in the booklet.
So we can say, that this could´ve been an absolutely great album, if it wasn´t for the two minuses...
Else it´s an album fans of the aforementioned genres will surely like.

Cornelia Wickel

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