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Yogi Lang

Titel / Title No Decoder 
Label Gentle Art of Music/ Soulfood Music 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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RPWL are celebrating their 10th birthday and fronter Yogi Lang publishes his solo album „No Decoder“, which should be seen as the last missing piece in the sound mosaic.
While RPWL bassist Chris Postl had released quite a progressive soloalbum under the name Parzivalīs Eye and the guitarist Kalle Wallner hat released a more metallic album under Blind Ego, this is supposed to be yet another facet of the sound of the band. Yogi took some well-known musicians on board to record his solo album, among those for example the Pink Floyd bassplayer Guy Pratt and furthermore Anne de Wolff (Rosenstolz etc.) as violinist, and vocalist Dominique Leonetti from the French prog outfit Lazuli. The record is simply an emotional piece of music without too much distractive ballast and it has one problem...even though itīs a solo album, it sounds pretty much alike his main band. This is not bad, since the music itself for sure is good, yet it makes you wonder, why it hasnīt been released as a (softer) RPWL album...
The coverart work is full of (sometimes disturbing) details and definitely gives you quite some stuff to discover – in contrast to the CD. Once again, donīt get me wrong, the music is not bad, itīs stuff of great quality, but it simply differ much from his mainband. Apart from that, itīs a great album for relaxing, thanks to this sheer serenity and calmness. Yogi Lang for sure has a remarkable voice and knows how to play it to the gallery on „No Decoder“. The whole album is all of a piece and simply flows into your ears, which is an absolutely great thing. This guy knows how to write music, thatīs for sure.

So you can say, that this is a strong, multilayered album with some great moments and perfect for relaxing. Even though it couldīve been more impressive, if Yogi wouldīve had more courage to create a more discrete sound, that differed more from his mainband RPWL. Apart from that, fans of the band and sideprojects will definitely enjoy this piece, since heīs concentrating on his strengths and thatīs nothing condemnable!

Cornelia Wickel

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