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The Hirsch Effekt / Caleya

Titel / Title Apogæum/ Perigæum (Split) 
Label Midsummer Records/ Ampire Records 
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Caleya have already been candidates in our soundcheck with their latest album „These Waves Will Carry Us Home“ not too long ago and managed to leave quite an impact. (check here:〈=2 ). We figured, that they obviously aren´t fans of standstill, so it´s not that amazing, that there´s already a next sign of life. This time they decided to team up with their friends of The Hirsch Effekt, who also got lots of positive critic with their debut, to record a split EP. It will be available on vinyl only and will be limited to 500 pieces, 100 of them on red vinyl.

The first part called „Periæum“ features material from The Hirsch Effekt and contains three songs or part of them, from their debut album (released in March via Midsummer Records) „Holon: Hiberno“ in a chamber orchestra version - no electronic samples or anything like that. „Arcanum“ starts really calm with guitars and it becomes pretty clear, that this is no noise, no metal or anything like that, but almost dreamy stuff and the band is clearly concentrating on the essence of the songs. Here The Hirsch Effekt manage to show their talent. The guitars are accompanied by percussions, clean, calm vocals, string players and the like creating a really wonderful atmosphere.
Definitely something different and material, that requires some time.

With the second part „Perigæum“, that Caleya are in charge of, comes a more or less harsh cut. It´s contains only one song „Amygdala“, but it´s more than 9 minutes long. It starts calm and thus you might think, that the atmosphere, created by the first three songs might remain the same... However, after roughly two and a half minutes you will change your mind. This is Caleya how we already know them – great Postcore! This song resulted from the recording sessions for the upcoming album „Trümmermensch“ (due in 2011) and might already give you a slight idea of what to expect of it (lyrics are sung in German for example). Great emotions on both parts of the EP, shown in very different ways.

Long story short: If you are into experimental stuff and also like calmer stuff from time to time, those two bands are clearly a must-hear. (oh and while you´re already at it, check out the debut albums of both bands).

Cornelia Wickel

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