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Titel / Title The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime 
Label DR2 Records  
Total run time
62:10 min. 
Vö/Release05 / 11 / 2010 
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One of the coolest rock albums in the year 2010: Punkrockgrungedarkalternative; heavily shaken, not stirred. And not without sex, thanks Grog (vocals + bass). The second track can be admired as a video on YouTube: The talent for clearly thought out, dramatically exciting song writing is going well. Mr. Drew moves his guitar like a sports car with hot tires. The song is blowing in your face and leads to: "Storm" - consists of the contrast between the sonorous sound-mountains and of air snapping breaks; full-fat and pompously.

"The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime" - the title holder of the album starts with from the distance approaching drums, accompanied by a guitar part that recalls Led Zeppelin gently. Above this lay the calm, almost threatening vocals - dark, mysterious ... but the song evolves, varies between moods, which is also held vocally impressive, sometimes powerful, sometimes fragile. Variety and excitement is also shown by "Raven". At first seems Al Fletcher with his drums massively displayed to the fore, but on closer listening Mr. Drew has an opportunity here to drive his guitar in various, awesome forms. Rhythmically very exciting and varied song. Lyrically builds a dark fantasy (metaphorical?) story the backbones.

The following "Themis" is initiated by psychedelic guitar-strings; balladic singing, drums in waltz time. A fascinating and elegant song which permits a comparison with Dani Kleinī Vaya Con Dios. "How Vampires Kiss" turns the tunes punkrocky; the Batcave clouded by smoke; but the bites seem to have never been made Grog obsessed, on the contrary, this sucker wasnīt probably a comfortable contemporary in the kind such as kissing and other ways to abuse. "If Wishes Were Bullets" - we would all be dead? Turn up generously at this track the bass control, then the coffee turns into black cream and, may be, the neighbor will load furiously the pump gun. The last but not least song "Sound In Colour" got a funny ending. Especially if the listener waits a few minutes and can not be fooled by a long silence. Then will follow a little surprise, a piano solo by Grog, who`ve learned playing the keys in her childhood and btw. accompanied Ozzy Osbourne on it.

After "Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending" - the last, already great CD - the band has developed their songs to become clearer and focused. Itīs known that Die So Fluid participated at the Wave Gothic Treffen 2009. Well, this music touches the border of the dark scene; the music is definitely too heavy, too deep and too personal to go down in the history of entertaining cheerfulness at a usual Sunday afternoon tea-time party. Cool cover. Well-made booklet with lyrics. Super sound.

1. Figurine
2. Mercury
3. Storm
4. The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime
5. Hearts Are Hollow
6. Raven
7. Themis
8. How Vampires Kiss
9. If Wishes were Bullets
10. What A Heart Is For
11. Sound In Colour

Andreas Torneberg

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