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The Rabble

Titel / Title The Battle´s Almost Over 
Label Filthy Lucre/ New Music 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/ already released 
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Punk from New Zealand, that´s something different for a change I´d say. The Rabble hailing from Auckland recorded their new CD „The Battle´s Almost Over“ and this is a piece of good old 3-accord-Punk with singalong potential.

Judging from the information sheet that came along with the record, they´re no unknown quantity in Europe anymore after having played quite a bunch of gigs and festivals here. Not that amazing, if you read furthermore, that they formed the band almost a decade ago at the young age of 14/15. Despite this, the present album is only the second one after the debut and one EP.
Somehow it turns out to be difficult to put their music into one genre – it´s Punk, sure, but there´s something more, some Hardcore elements and something you can´t put in words – oh and not to forget a dash of rock´n´roll. It´s powerful music, that´s for sure, aggressive loud vocals on top of it and luckily this all comes along with a pretty nice production. 16 songs, almost one hour of playing time, authentic sounding stuff, what more can you ask for? The Rabble are jumping between bouncy, fast-paced and calmer songs, presenting a broad palette of their work and yet, they´re lacking their very own sound. Too often you feel like you heard this stuff somewhere already. (Dropkick Murphys and so on...).
But hey, what´s going on with the Punk bands nowaydays? It´s not „cheap, dirty, easy looking“ artwork anymore, this is a high quality artwork, CD with full-colour print, foldable digipack, full-colour booklet and poster – the artwork alone makes „The Battle´s Almost Over“ worth buying, as a bonus you also find a video on the CD.

All in all „The Battle´s Almost Over“ leaves a positive impression. Lots of party songs, songs to sing along, high quality production and artwork and the only thing you can actually complain about is the fact, that there are too many bands out there, that sound pretty similar. However, if you´re looking for party music, you have found it.

Cornelia Wickel

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