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Titel / Title Åsgards Fall 
Label Dark Essence Records 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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The Norwegians Helheim release this Mini-Album to ease the waiting period to their 7th output (Feb 2011). Listening to it I immediately have to think of Finntroll, Satyricon or the early Siebenbürgen, during the instrumental interlude even of Pink Floyd. The Norwegian dark and clean Vocals offer the unusual combination of "Emo" versus "Mongolian throat singing". And when the third track - pretty hypnotic in its slowed-down groove - comes up, I begin to wonder if Blast beats are out nowadays? But now, Dualitet og Ulver and Jernskogen (re-recording) prove that the classic Black Metal with its Blasts is still in. Summing up, this Black / Viking Metal crossover is quite appealing, even for genre outsiders like me. Still, with the exception of the mentioned features there´s nothing for me that distinguishes Helheim much from other releases in that genre. That´s why my rating is

Klaudia Weber

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