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Lis Er Stille

Titel / Title The Collibro  
Label VME - Voices Music & Entertainment 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen/already released 
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Also from the Danish record label "VME - Voices Music & Entertainment", I received the album "The Collibro" from Lis Er Stille these days. After the rather hideous output from their label mates SuperCharger, promo pictures with fake blood and a sound description I just recently had to evaluate quite negatively with another band because they tried to combine different music styles but were not proficient in even one of them, I expected the worst for this review. But: there are occasionally positive surprises, too - and Lis Er Stille are one of them!

Maybe you won`t realise it right away as the opener "All The Blood" with its prayers and singings in soundtrack style is highly dramatic but this is only like an intro for the second track "Send In The Scouts" - and this song is just pompous but in a positive way. And what you can say about "Send In The Scouts", you can basically say about all the other tracks on this record, too: Lis Er Stille play a great mix of Muse, Anathema and their countrymen from Kellermensch.

To analyse the songs one by one wouldn`t make much sense `cause this isn`t only an album with a few songs on it - this album has a concept! It`s a sound trip where all the songs merge seamlessly into each other. Sometimes you don`t know which track is currently played as there are nearly 13-minute sound experiments ("The Painted") as well as instrumental recordings that only take 26 seconds ("Like A Common Wave"). Sometimes you also don`t know if something is the outro of the previous song or already a new one that simply keeps up the tension.

A beautiful piano playing, which sounds like a score from a Hollywood movie and unexpected singing here ("Recalling The Color"), abrupt changes in style there ("The Real Children")... Sounds exhausting? It`s not exhausting at all, rather the opposite is true: especially in these days where it`s only grey outside or doesn`t get bright at all anymore, "The Collibro" might be the perfect record if you not only want to stay in your own four walls but also wanna lose yourself in thoughts.

Even if you like only one of the aforementioned bands, you should definitely listen to the third opus from the Danes from Århus!

Stefanie Singh

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