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Titel / Title Spiral Shadow 
Label Season of Mist 
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By nature, Iīm not a big fan of sludge/stoner metal and, to say it right away, also Spiral Shadow by Kylesa wonīt change that. Actually, this album needs a prescription because after a short time, you start to see colours and patterns thatīs how hypnotising-sedating their music comes across plus, it hangs as thick in the air as the smoke of a certain cigarette. Get ready, Kylesa take you on 40-minute trip.

An interesting fact about Kylesa is that they have two drummers at their disposal. However, if you don't known that or had read it in the band info, you wouldnīt actually hear it on the album. But letīs talk vocals now, for me the main reason not to touch the record very soon again. Alright, it might be that, in this genre, they really have to sound like that but for me this echo-heavy, unemotional, apathetic sprechgesang that hardly ever uses more than two notes is simply unbearable. The only exception being Dust, which even has a slight gothic touch, here one can almost make out a certain melodic approach.

Bottom line: Certainly well tolerable for connoisseurs of this genre, all others should contact their general practitioner first.

Recommended tracks:
Donīt look back
Spiral Shadow

Kathleen Gransalke

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