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Goat the Head

Titel / Title Doppelgängers 
Label Aftermath Music 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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„Contemporary Primal Caveman Death Metal“ that´s how Goat The Head, hailing from Norway, describe their music. From that you could assume two things: They are clad in fur – check! And the whole thing is equipped with a lot of humour – check!

But that´s not to the bad. After their 2007 debut Simian Supremacy and the Neander Tales EP from 2006, Goat the Head deliver also on their second album, curiously titled Doppelgängers, once again fast and technically demanding death metal. That´s exactly what you get from the first second of the opening track Neolithic Rocket Science on – no pointless intro, no lengthy “getting started” – everything goes at full blast right away, without any compromises. And that´s how they keep it up until the very last second (Primal Caveman Death Metal). It never gets boring and there are two reasons for that. Firstly, the whole album is only 33 minutes short and secondly, Goat the Head manage to bring a lot of variety to the table with numerous breaks, rhythm and riff changes, shout-along-friendly melody lines and short solos. And that, without slowing down for just one millisecond.

Special mention deserves This Tube is the Gospel. Here, apart from what I have said above, the band doesn´t shy away from clean, female vocals and epic melodies either. Despite that sudden clash with style, the listener still doesn´t feel like it´s out of place, he or she just gets reminded that this is “just” eclectic and very good death metal.

Recommended tracks:
03. This Tube is the Gospel
02. Uncanny Valley Clan
08. Stirring the Enigmatic Appetite

01. Neolithic Rocket Science
02. Uncanny Valley Clan
03. This Tube is the Gospel
04. Salt
05. Bestial Domestication
06. The Hunt is on (Sexy Son)
07. Reveille:
08. Stirring the Enigmatic Appetite
09. The Ubiquitous Cube
10. Primal Caveman Death

Andreas Fuchs

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