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Titel / Title 666 Neurotic Bombs 
Label Firefield Records 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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"Let`s make some noise, have fun and play some snotty rocknroll!": With these words, Dust&Bones from the German town Backnang were formed in March 2000. And if this is the only goal of the guys, their second album "666 Neurotic Bombs" is a nice result of it. No more, no less. Singer Thorsten Klöpfer and his companions promise Rock and they serve Rock. From that point of view, they don`t disappoint. Also in terms of the music itself, here and there you think: "Not bad, not bad!" Ok, the singer`s voice doesn`t have the charisma of a Dave Wyndorf [Monster Magnet], by no means, but this is not the reason why the ranking of this review is so low. The reason is plain and simple that you won`t remember that much about the record`s content when the music is over. "666 Neurotic Bombs" is only one of many Rock records. Somehow you have heard it all a thousand times before. There are good guitar riffs here and there, indeed, but then again the music suffers a lot from the weak vocals, that sometimes are even annoying like on "Don`t Wanna Know Why". "Gimme Gimme Armageddon" is the strongest song on this disc. At least the guitars rock.

There is some potential and maybe the band will surprise us one day with something original if they start to take the whole thing with the music a bit more seriously. If not, it would be quite smart of them not to quit their "nine to five" jobs...

Stefanie Singh

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