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Titel / Title Bloodwater 
Label Synthetic Sounds 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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iVardensphere? Never heard of. Only a sticker on the jewel case, which advertises the remixes by Rotersand and Assemblage 23, reveals that we are, most probably, dealing with an EBM/Electro/Industrial opus here. EBM/Electro isn`t really my kind of genre, when it comes to Industrial I need guitars like Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie have them. But no risk no fun, right? Let`s take a bath in the "Bloodwater"...

The opener "Nautilus Pt. 1" with its drumming turns out to be an exciting intro, which could be taken from a soundtrack. No trace of EBM/Electro/Industrial yet. It changes with the second track "Ancients", which fits perfectly into the clubs playing the already mentioned music genres. Basically, you could say the same about the following "Sick" but this song contains exactly those elements that I dislike about this scene in general. There are too many annoying sounds and when listening to it, various clichés of Cyber Gothic immediately come into my mind.

Unfortunately, it`s the same with the following songs, even though Scott Fox, Chris Lacroix and Yann Faussurier, the masterminds behind iVardensphere, experiment with amongst others oriental vocals ("Filterscape"). At least you can`t accuse them of monotony. But it`s exactly this song that, with a beat like Mr. Oizo, stalls the whole record. The "Flat Beat" by Mr.Oizo... Do you remember? Thanks to a Levi`s commercial and a yellow stuffed animal called "Flat Eric" a huge hit. Just an idea for the Canadians if they want to make it big someday. Nicer to listen to are the smoother compositions "Nautilus Pt. 2" and "Grey Walls". Once again, these two tracks sound like songs taken from a soundtrack, especially the latter with the spoken dialogue and the sound of an electrocardiogram in the background.

This is not a soundtrack, I know, but also EBM/Electro/Industrial doesn`t have to sound as annoying as it occasionally does on “Bloodwater". A plus are the remixes by Rotersand and Assemblage 23: Both have chosen "Filterscape" and both versions sound way better than the original.

In the end, only an average rating remains `cause even if it`s not always my taste: For what they do, iVardensphere do it well. And you have to acknowledge that, too.

Stefanie Singh

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