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Lene Kosti

Titel / Title Do or Die 
Label unsigned 
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The Heavy Metal Band Lene Kosti (Lazy Bones) from Slovenia has been around since 1978, in 1985 the charismatic front man Milan Krušič joined and helped Lene Kosti to cult status in their home country. In 1986 they recorded their first demo "Park Bar", but back then a strict regime and censorship put the band from Ljubljana under tough pressure. It was difficult to e.g. perform live therefore at some point they gave up. In 2008 they reunited and were put on a Best of-Compilation of Histria Cult Records in 2009.

Now finally in 2010 they (self) released their first official studio album "Do Or Die", which has reached me now, featuring the line-up: Vocals - Milan "Dr. Evil" Krušič, Guitar - Marc Kavaš, Guitar - Giovanni Kavaš, Grega Brenko - bass guitar, Miha Nedoh "Bomber" – drums. And well, what to say – good things come to those who wait.

After a menacing intro heavy riffs and Milan´s voice – some cross over between Udo and Cirith Ungol´s Tim Baker (in case anybody still remembers that band...) - kicks you out of your shoes. You can hear that this is no rookie-band, tough punch, merciless groove and raw energy is continued throughout the album, a high level of quality and excitement keeps you on the edge until the end – and not every CD can offer that.

It´s not surprising that the style is very 80s/90s – hey, those guys are ORIGINALLY from that period – but not like epic Power Metal, it´s much more leading to the rough Priest-Painkiller-Power path. Yet musical roots like Blues/Hardrock are not ignored but simply get incorporated. As for variety, surely the guitar wizard piece is included (The Sting) as well as the classic power ballad: “Blind In Love” has some Nightwish appeal, acoustic guitar, flute and female vocals (Inez Osina from Slovenian Folk-Metallers Brezno) – simply beautiful.

More guest musicians are Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) and Manni Schmidt (Rage, Grave Digger). Therefore: GREAT, BUY IT!

Klaudia Weber

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