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Titel / Title What Silence Hides 
Label Spinefarm Records 
Total run time
Vö/ReleaseJan 2011 
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Do you know the "who invented it?" TV spot? Well, the Swiss band Dreamshade from Lugano cannot claim the invention of Melodic Death Metal, but they surely can join the top acts in the Scandinavian sound genre. A bit of Scandinavia is actually there: The sextet´s debut album “What Silence Hides” was recorded at Cave Studios in Switzerland, produced by Etan Genini of BlackAce, mixed by Fredrik Nordström at Fredman Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, and mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound in New York, USA. Big names, responsible for this massive sound.

As mentioned, stylistically it´s mainly Melo-Death, occasionally cross-over to Thrash or Black Metal (also regarding the vocals), as if old-school In Flames would make music with Dimmu Borgir (e.g. DeGeneration). That means extremely aggressive music, but still BM epic sound (Open Wounds), grooving parts and Blast beats take their turns, infectious keyboard tunes and massive guitar riffs are bound together, and there´s a good portion of weird Prog elements, too.

And there´s a bit of a problem for me - sometimes that´s a bit too much for my taste, simply TOO epic and massive, as if the band was too much into showing off their skills, as if they wanted too much at the same time, so that it rather sounds chaotic or mushy (As Serenity Falls). When those 6 guys found a good balance for all (Prog) elements, it´s grooving like hell (Eternal, Only Memories Remain). A nice example is also Miles Away, where the initial third has this chaotic touch, but then it´s rocking the house.

Summary - I´m not 100% convinced of this one, but it´s clear that those guys have high potential, that this is a debut far above the average and can be recommended to genre-fans.

01. What Silence Hides
02. As Serenity Falls
03. Revive In Me
04. Wide Awake
05. Eternal
06. Miles Away
07. Only Memories Remain
08. DeGeneration
09. Erased By time
10. Open Wounds

Iko – vocals
Fella – guitar
Rocco – guitar
Rawi – keyboards
Ivan – bass
Sera - drums

Klaudia Weber

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