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Label Spinefarm Records  
Total run time
Vö/ReleaseJan 2011 
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Once again some fresh stuff from Finland, where melodies and tough riffs are skillfully put together: MyGrain was founded in 2004 and release now their third CD with the attitude: "Third time is the charm". The first track Into The Parallel Universe shows what´s to expect: a Melodic Death / Thrash / Metalcore / classic Metal Mix, powerful riffs and drive a la Children Of Bodom (also concerning the role of the keyboard), vocals remind you sometimes of Sentenced, sometimes of Pantera. But there´s not only thrashing sounds: e.g. A Clockwork Apocalypse offers some calmer moments, Trapped in an Hourglass has this Finnish melancholy touch, and a portion of Nightwish-orchestrality is offered with Eye Of The Void or Cataclysm Child.

Some tracks - e.g. Of Immortal Aeons, Xenomorphic - have this ear candy potential, and in my opinion all that myGrain needs is a real "hit" to conquer charts and their place in the genre top-league. However, I am not sure if I can find this hit here on this album, although Cataclysm Child would be a good candidate. Well, difficult to make such a prognose - all I can do is wish the best to those guys. In any case, the album as a whole is a winner, no weak song, nothing to complain about.

By the way - you can see myGrain at the upcoming Helsinki Metal Meeting, and with the aid of Spinefarm those guys should be rocking stages further south in Europe pretty soon, too... check them out...

01. Into The Parallel Universe
02. Shadow People
03. Dust Devils and Cosmic Storms
04. Of Immortal Aeons
05. A Clockwork Apocalypse
06. Eye Of The Void
07. Trapped In An Hourglass
08. Xenomorphic
09. Cataclysmic Child

Tommy – vocals
Resistor – guitar
Mr Downhill – guitar
Eve – keys
Jonas – bass
DJ Locomotive – drums

Klaudia Weber

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