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Titel / Title Nizhe 
Label Playground Music / Yellow House Recordings 
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Three long years you had to wait for the follow up record to Cherno. Now, finally Sami Lopakka (ex-Sentenced) and his men publish their second album entitled Nizhe (Lower). Already with their debut album it became clear that Lopakka once again managed to create something unique. Who else would come up with Doom sound and Russian lyrics of such high quality and the appropriate image? No matter whether it´s the band car or the stage outfits, guitar or bass design, everything is very well-thought-out. This is also what you can hear on Nizhe, which is, compared to Cherno, still a little bit more catchy and gloomy. It has to be mentioned that E. Seppänen is really the perfect guy for the vocals. The whole album is flooded with melancholy and agony. Even though it´s hard for non-Russians to understand the lyrics, E. Seppänen gets all the emotions across just by his voice. A grand second album – simply unique. It´s always great to find bands who dare to try something new and don´t just follow any random trend. Awesome!

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Gransalke

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