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Titel / Title Keine Zeit 
Label GoldenCore Records/Zyx Music 
Total run time
76:40 min. 
Vö/Release25 / 2 / 2011 
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With the first tunes of the new and second CD of Schöngeist East and West seem to make a date with each other. Introductory traditional Turkish string sounds break into rich rock, then starts the vocalist with "On the wall, on the scout" - no, no dancing little bug, their muses Timur Karakus, in his capacity Bavarian with Turkish roots, for retaliation. "An eye for an eye" it means like in the Old Testament, but on whom he wants to take revenge stays an experience only for insiders. The refrain invites to hum, the rocking/oriental-mix goes off well, the German-language song moves into melodious pop.

This pop character of the vocal part in the search for harmonious melodies accompanied the listener the whole album long. For inter alia "No time" which contains no oriental reminiscence, Eisbrecher-captain Alexx Wesselsky participated. And "Sonne der Nacht" goes on hunting in the electronic dance-designed Industrial genre. With "Halbmondfinsternis" are Turkish realms conjured up again; in the intonation of the vocal parts you feel a slight reflection of Rammstein's Till Lindemann, and the text is about process of inclusion, yes, a hot topic "Setz dir das Tuch aufs Haupt... geh nicht mit fremde Mann."

The music is diverse and varying, drawing from Neue Deutsche Härte and flavored with electronics and EBM, which takes from the Turkish influence some interesting musical additions. Only the chorus goes but strongly in the direction of German pop song, giving the music a punch too smooth easy-listening. For the club party, the mixture of driving hard with harmonious melodies is well suited, since each is well served for a DJ searcing for hot new releases.

But if the slogan created by the promotion agency "ambassador of musical integration" can confirm its ambitious aims may be called rather uncertain, because thereto the subject of East/West and integration, both lyrically and musically, is only casually been treated. Timur Karakus tends to harmonic, poppy singing and has mixed some touch of Turkish native sounds in otherwise in this country already well-known German dance-rock numbers. Nice slice, good to hear, free from provocations or insights.

1. Auge um Auge
2. Keine Zeit
3. Sonne der Nacht
4. Halbmondfinsternis
5. Nie mehr allein
6. Ganz oder gar nicht
7. Schalt ein! Schalt aus!
8. Der Gral
9. Nur mich
10. Heiler
11. Du
12. Sonne der Nacht (MCC Dusk Version)
13. Sugar Sugar (US Version)

Andreas Torneberg

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