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Titel / Title Kosmos 
Label Schönklang 
Total run time
46:44 min. 
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SCHOCK comes from Thuringia/Germany and this indeed since 1996. Exactly 10 years ago, they released the album "Erwacht" (“Awake”). The new CD "Kosmos"from the year 2011 begins verbally similar - “Wach auf” ("Wake up"). And behold: The sound cosmos has similarities that can say: In the house of Schock, everything seems the same.

This could have been interpreted sarcastic towards: Big changes are not. But the meaning has a friendly expression: The band rocks in old freshness still like hell. The record starts with the foot on the accelerator, dark rockmusic at first a little reminiscent of The 69Eyes, in the course less concerned with sexy pose, as to directness.

The vocal abilities of singer Michael Schock has definitely evolved in the last decade. His voice plays with expression and demonstrates personal presence. The German version will offer more sophistication and emotional states ("Augenblick") to bloody nasty evils, as in the narrative "Bis aufs Blut ". The cosmos of Schock is both to stroke and to kill.

The sound dominated by electric guitars and punchy drums meets the talent for melodic tunes with a high recognition value. The level remains consistently high and expressive, but doesn´t contain great varying volatility. Schock have a specific method which gives them characteristic, but not to spoil the big surprises, nevertheless even without falter or fail.

It is as if mom had baked cookies and they taste again, as always, delicious. That´s just how the Schock-mom is cooking, personally, with solid, obviously well-rehearsed ingredients. They generated but no goosebumps.

1. Wach Auf
2. Bis Aufs Blut
3. Babylon (Album Version)
4. Kosmos
5. Apocalypse Now
6. Sommerregen
7. Was Bleibt
8. Hinein Ins Licht
9. Und Ich Lauf
10. Nur Ein Mensch
11. Augenblick
12. Keine Sonne
13. Horizont

Andreas Torneberg

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