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Titel / Title Dominion 
Label Frontiers Records 
Total run time
63 min 
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Oh, how long have I waited for this album and now itīs finally here. The Americans of Benedictum release their third album Dominion. Frontlady Veronica Freeman is clearly the bandīs trademark and she once again proves that she sings with way more balls than one or the other men in the metal business.

Already at the beginning, fast guitar riffs and Veronicaīs hoarse voice get the listener in the right mood for an album full of power. Vocally, thereīs a lot on offer and besides the usual singing, Mrs Freeman produces some mighty growls, too. With this album, the band easily tops their first two albums Uncreation and Seasons of Tragedy. Those who still donīt have a clue how a female metal voice needs to sound, should definitely buy this album. The instrumental Beautiful Pain with its brilliant guitar solo perfectly transits to the next track Dark Heart, which, once again, provides another sample of Veronicaīs great vocal range but it also showcases her softer side. You can hear it again with the solely acoustic bonus track Sanctuary, which is simply a beautiful song.

I can only agree with the press release: “From the onslaught of the opening track Dominion to the epic Epsilon and the heartfelt acoustic track Sanctuary, this album has it all.”

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Gransalke

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