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Mizzle is the solo project of the Dutch bassist and songwriter Casper van Beugen. In the late 90s, he and Klaas von Eijkeren formed the band Brimble Cromble that, apparently, found lots of favour among Dutch and Belgian music lovers. In 2007, he left the Netherlands for Germany, in search of musicians for his first solo album titled Twelve Reasons to Take a Holiday. Now, the follow up record Sixpack has been released.

Since there are only six songs on the album, maybe it wouldīve been a good idea to have kept them still for a while, just to keep on working on the sound. This wouldnīt surely have done any harm but ok, maybe not. Itīs great that you can call yourself a songwriter when you mostly say the same sentence, about 50 times, in the same song or when you write about some horsies. Musically, itīs tolerable and there are definitely worse singers around. Well, maybe some people might even find this sound to their liking, for me, it simply doesnīt work.

Sandy Mahrer

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