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Titel / Title A Bird Called Angola 
Label The Delta Saints 
Total run time
20:31 min. 
Vö/Release10 / 2010 
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White Voodoo grooves in the swamps: The Delta Saints, a band from Nashville, Tennessee, conjures deeply native blues roots - and this they do incredibly talented. Not only that driving, fat Nashville rock meets the sticky Bayou climate; beside electric guitars, bass and drums also acoustic elements such as harmonica, stomping, clapping are integrated and melted together with some weird, electronic elements.

In addition, the recording and technical mix is excellent; each individual instrument sounds crystall clear with an overall transparent and yet powerful sound. This technical quality quality supports the refined and zappy joy of playing exquisitely. Six titles are here on a CD which otherwise could be checked and/or ordered under as a digital download. This is the running time of not more than an EP, but it leaves no fat on the meat, pure crocodile fillet; a concentrate.

The saints of the Delta provide unique high demands on themselves, but also to the audience. As a nice, danceable music in the background the songs are not necessarily suitable. The great vocals and brilliant instrumentation with exciting details require an accurate listening. As mentioned earlier, the blues is a fundamental element of the music. Especially the song with the significant title "Company Of Thieves" begins with a historical introduction which reflects on the black blues and gospel roots. The boys know exactly out of which swamps originate their tunes.

The traditional refererences of their sounds are obvious, but so fresh prepared and with so much love for the genres presented that comparisons can be difficult and itīs easy to say: As demonstrated by a young band there is a lot of authenticity. Both thumbs up. More!

1. Bird Called Angola
2. Good In White
3. Company Of Thieves
4. Callin Me Home
5. Swamp Groove
6. Voodoo Walk

Andreas Torneberg

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