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Titel / Title Venera: Trial & Tribulation 
Label Pentacle Music  
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I don´t remember Dekadent to be a bad band, not at all but what they have delivered now with their new album, is truly worth a low bow to the fine art of songwriting.

The guitars rock from the first second on but they still have a certain kind of groove. Thus, they provide a perfect foundation for headbanging. However, the band doesn´t only do the ordinary things but they also try out some more „insane“ groove parts like with Raided. This is a proof that Dekadent surely has some courage, they are not a single-track band but they dare to develop their very own sound. That probably won´t be everyone´s cup of tea, though. Nevertheless, my overall impression is good because everything´s done well and it´s always a good thing to show one´s courage, to break the usual Black Metal mould.

Vocally, they do the best they can and shout and scream as if their life depends on it, here and there you even get some death growls. Whose heart belongs to Black Metal, is well advised to check out Dekadent because Venera: Trial & Tribulation is certainly very well suited for some decent headbanging.

Markus Seibel, transl. Kathleen Gransalke

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