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Beyond the Dream

Titel / Title In the Heart of Nothing  
Label unsigned 
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Attention, labels – it will be entirely your fault if you let this band slip through your fingers. The land of a thousand lakes has way more to offer than just sentimental goth bands, there are indeed also bands with a bit more substance who have found their niche within the dark industrial gothic genre. Beyond the Dream is one of those. Even though In the Heart of Nothing is already the fourth self-produced album by the Finnish guys from Jyväskylä, the band still waits for the major breakthrough.

But this seems very possible with their new album because it is a real gem. Melodic songs meet harsh vocals – the songs also remind here and there of Deathstars and co. If they really want to sound like that, I cannot say but I think with songs like Say my Name In Vain and For the Reignited Sun, they are definitely on the right track to not only impress record labels. Thirteenth Dawn is, however, a bit out of my comfort zone – too much chaos, too little melody but luckily, this chaos disappears quickly with the following songs again.

The best song for me is Heart Shaped Cemetery because it is simply ingenious! Maybe one or the other song of Beyond the Dream still needs some fine-tuning but in general, this band has everything a real rock band needs: musical talent, love of experimentation, great songs and a charismatic singer. Check them out yourselves:

Sandy Mahrer

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