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Titel / Title Bizarro World 
Label Lifeforce Records 
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Please note - concept album! DEADLOCK present with their 5th album an interpretation of a contradictional world full of extremes, musically and in their lyrics. This “Bizarro World” is a distorted mirror image of our world, life is determined by a codex that negate everything we would call desirable. Beauty and the pursuit of perfection and happiness are condemned, worshipped is everything mean and ugly.

Therefore the listener should not be too surprised to hear tough Melodic Death riffs and growls (Falling Skywards) as well as soft tracks with tender female (yet powerful) vocals (Sabine Scherer) - which has you think of Paramore / Twilight Saga Soundtrack, and sometimes it´s both in the same song (Virus Jones, Htrae, which btw is Earth backwards). There´s a bit of everything to be found - alternative and Black Metal, Old School Metal, Power ballads, Pop - and Renegade even offers pure (and danceable) Industrial-Metal/Rock including distorted sinister vocals. Finally the title track offers fragile orchestral sounds - epic, dramatic but also a bit boring, though, as also the final track Paranoia Extravaganza is basically a ballad with dominating female vocals. One track has hit potential: You Left Me Dead.

Anyway, a courageous mixture that is offered by the 6 Germans here, and they definitely deserve their success story (tours with Lacuna Coil, Sonic Syndicate, Dark Tranquillity, Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn, now in March they play some shows in Germany, check our tourdates) to be continued. When their own definition mentions a "dualism of fragile charm and jagged gloom", I can hardly add any more to that. However, for me this whole range from symphonic sounds to brutal Metal is a bit too much, less variety could have been more.

01. Virus Jones 4:59
02. State Of Decay 3:43
03. Falling Skywards 4:21
04. Earthlings 3:41
05. You Left Me Dead 4:11
06. Brutal Romance 4:08
07. Alienation 1:42
08. Renegade 3:25
09. Htrae 4:48
10. Bizarro World 2:11
11. Paranoia Extravaganza 3:07

Klaudia Weber

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