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Routa Sielu

Titel / Title Pimeys 
Label Spinefarm 
Web www.routasielu
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Routa Sielu is a new band, or rather project of a well-known Finnish musician. This is the latest project of the Finnish pendant to the Swedish workaholic Peter Tägtgren – right, it´s the project of multitalent and jack-of-all-trades Tuomas Saukkonen (Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon...just to name two of his other bands).
As you might´ve already guess from band and album name, it´s a CD containing Finnish material. Musically it´s located in the Melodic Death Metal corner with well-known trademarks, some of which might also be known from Before the Dawn: Clean vocals and growling. The growls are of course sung by Tuomas himself and the clear vocals have been done by his Black Sun Aeon colleague Mikko Heikkilä – great voice!
Promo pics and homepage might already deliver a first pretty dark and gloomy impression of what expects you on the record. Unfornately I can´t say anything about the lyrics though, since they are completely in Finnish. Apart from this, you can expect a portion of typical Finnish melancholy – however it´s not a depressing record, no matter what the pics might make you expect.
The first track „Alkusoito“ starts slowly and heavy, it´s purely instrumental and continues without interruption into the following „Enkeli“, where groove and Finnish lyrics kick in. The clean vocals are rather spoken than sung in the beginning and Tuomas growls rough up the whole thing.The Melodeath component is specially present in „Soturi“ and Kaipaus“. While the clean parts of the vocals will serve as an interesting exotic touch for foreigners, those familiar with the language will surely be less „impressed“ by this – however, this surely doesn´t affect the effect the music has.
„Sukuhauta“ is speeding up a bit and makes you bang your head, same goes for the great „Pesäpällo“. This really is the great thing about this record, there is a constant variation of tempo, vocal style in combination with great melodies. If you ask me, the album is getting better song after song and luckily it´s not like the good songs have been put in the first half of the CD.

The only thing that´s left to say for me right now is: If you like Mr. Saukkonen´s other bands, just get your copy of Routa Sielu, you´ll surely enjoy this piece of music as well! Seems as if it actually is possible to combine quality and quantitity – so I surely don´t mind this constant delivery of new records of one of this workaholics´ bands and projects! Thumbs up!

Cornelia Wickel

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