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Titel / Title Edge Of The Earth 
Label Nuclear Blast GmbH 
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You want tender tunes, heartwarming melodies and epic music to drift off into dreams? WEEEELLL - then you´re totally wrong here.

Sylosis = brutal-right-in-your-face, Thrash-Speed-Death mix, the melodic variation of the latter, though. That means, yes, there ARE some tender tunes - but rarely and not lasting long. Some Intro/Outro here and then (Dystopia) or an instrumental track (Where The Sky Ends), to have a short rest after surviving the first round of sledgehammer slammering. And there´s even something epic, but just at the very end...

The quartet from Reading, England, has obviously done its homework for their second release. They studied the golden days of Bay Area Thrash intensely, as well as those classics that were produced near Tampa, Florida, back then. They give kudos to Gothenburg sound and Meshuggah - and created something original out of that. Amazing. I cannot help grinning when those powerful riffs a la Megadeth/Slayer drill holes in your brain and brutal growling has the floor vibrate - and still virtuosity isn´t denied. Something to have a Metal Heart beat faster.

And then there are those recklessly catchy tunes, a rather comfortable groove, fragile details, cool soli and weird sounds, and even clean vocals (Apparitions, Beyond The Resurrected) - in other words, those Brits pull it off, despite the album length and stylistic consequence they don´t sound boring. And they don´t wreck your nerves with complexity-overdose. Still this is a concept album, the lyrics of “Edge Of The Earth” (produced by Scott Atkins) tell a tale of isolation, confusion and mortality. The band creates a musical journey, focusing on a male character who lives his entire life in loneliness. Well, I can just recommend to join SYLOSIS on this journey.

01. Procession 6:45
02. Sands Of Time 5:07
03. Empyreal 4:51
04. Empyreal (Part 2) 1:06
05. A Serpents Tongue 5:23
06. Awakening 3:58
07. Kingdom Of Solitude 5:37
08. Where The Sky Ends 3:56 inst
09. Dystopia 5:43
10. Apparitions 7:15
11. Altered States Of Consciousness 5:31
12. Beyond The Resurrected 5:09
13. Eclipsed 4:45
14. From The Edge Of The Earth 7:37

Klaudia Weber

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