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Titel / Title Punkjävlar 
Label Midsummer Records 
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The Swedish outfit Grace.Will.Fall is back with a new mini CD „Punkjävlar“ (Punk Bastards). I still remember their last full length album „Second Album“, that blew the roof of with their pretty cool energetic Swedish Hardcore/Punk. What happened in the meanwhile? Well, they toured in various European countries, they released a 4-way Split on Redfield Records and since everything good also unfortunately brings bad things along, they had to part ways with their bassist Axel, who, due to moving, couldn´t be active in the band any longer. However a replacement was found and „Punkjävlar“ is the bomb they drop to proof that they´re back.
The complete record is sung in Swedish this time, however, with those aggressive vocals most people won´t care if it´s English or Swedish, since both languages are able to transport the energy to the listener equally well. The record contains 4 brand new tracks, 3 re-recorded (live) ones and one cover of Eddie Meduza.
„Dömd & Glömd“ might still start pretty calm, but you can be sure, that peace won´t last for too long. „Hopplös Hopplöshet“ is so wonderfully chaotic, dissonant guitars and the vocalist is screaming his lungs out. Seems as if they´re doing everything to confuse their listener and try to avoid at all costs to sound simple – all of course in a positive sense. Want to have a portion of Noise? Sure, just jump to song number four „Tomma Hjärnor“. Even though this title can be translated with „empty brains“, I´m quite sure they can´t be that empty, when you write such mad, straight in your face stuff.
If this is the appetizer for the (hopefully soon) upcoming third full-length, then I can only hope, that it won´t take them too long to release it. Same good of Grace.Will.Fall style, you´ll love it.

Cornelia Wickel

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