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Lotus Feed

Titel / Title A Different Place 
Label af-music 
Total run time
49:37 min. 
Vö/Release18 / 03 / 2011 
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Post Punk Germany 2011 - after 15 years of band existence, Lotus Feed have been braced up to release their debut album. What formerly called New Wave swept also to Cologne and slides now on waves, where bands like Joy Division, Bauhaus or The Cure have sailed before. In melancholy gloom create Lotus Feed the right mood for the rainy Saturday afternoon or even for those who love to dive in a retrospective mood like old 80s soul.

One can not necessarily speak of great innovative elan. The album rolls consistently in a track without massive musical excitement or changing experiences; those who are unwilling might be able to feel a certain monotony. In particular, the singing which indeed gives a very nice authentic depressive position follows the lack of variety in songwriting which isnīt able to touch or overcome any borders, but remains in the definitive ways.

However, this all sounds very professional and very skillfully. Maybe too skillfully, and the boys know exactly in which pots they have access to exactly hit the point of recollection. Who likes New Wave and has fun to follow the quoted streams above mentioned bands, also temporarily of spoonfuls of Police or the Fields of the Nephilim, make no mistake, to come "A Different Place" a bit closer.

01. Trouble 03:28
02. King for two days 05:02
03. She runs 04:02
04. Drawn Too 05:47
05. Cut 04:24
06. Silence 04:33
07. Get me out 05:49
08. Room with a view 03:41
09. Manner of painting 03:48
10. End of time 08:39

Andreas Torneberg

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