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Within Temptation

Titel / Title The Unforgiving 
Label Sony Music  
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Within Temptation are back from a 4-year hiatus with a promising concept album. The Unforgiving is the title of this gem and is based on a comic book series, written by Steven OīConnell. It was drawn by none other than comic book artist Romano Molenaar who is amongst others responsible for Witchblade, Darkness and X-Man. They couldnīt have found any better suited guy. The comics together with three short films will be released throughout the course of 2011.

All songs are exclusively about this comic and its main character Mother maiden. This concept alone is very promising and the first drawings, which you can check out on the bandīs website, are unbelievable. Within Temptation themselves, said that the songs on The Unforgiving are the best they have ever written and I can only agree with that.

While the last album was a bit more on the heavy side compared to previous albums, the band now has returned to more symphonic rock sounds mixed with some pop here and there. This, however, is in no way annoying but gives the album a perfect finish. I listened to all the songs one by one and couldnīt find anything bad, even though Iīm not a Within Temptation fan. Every note harmonises with the rest – everything just fits together perfectly. All 12 songs are catchy and intoxicating (in a good way) and, with her vocals, Sharon den Adel conveys all emotions like never before.

With The Unforgiving, the Dutch from Within Temptation haven proven that they are always good for a surprise and thus present a true masterpiece here.

Sandy Mahrer

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