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Leeīs Request

Titel / Title Aggressive Past 
Label FinestNoise 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Lee, known through grindcore and death metal band Yuppie Club, sallied forth to cover ten legendary songs from the punk, death metal and grindcore genre with his solo project Leeīs Request. Therefore, Aggressive Past feels less like a usual album than an homage to the heavier side of music. With this album, Leeīs moshing love of this genre really comes through with everything: the songs, the design of the booklet and the short intermezzos (the speech tracks), which amongst others feature the legendary British radio host John Peel, who also makes several other appearances in the CD artwork, or Tom Angelripper, who contributed some vocals.

Musically, thereīs nothing wrong with the record. No surprise as the album solely consists of cover versions of true gems of this genre and so there are absolutely no fillers here (thatīs why I cant recommend any tracks as usual because all songs are worth listening to). Amongst others there are covers of Napalm Death – even two in their case (Evolved as one, Itīs a M.A.N.S. world), Godflesh (Like Rats), Heresay (Consume) and Negative FX (Feel like a man).

However, all songs are very close to the original ones. Most changes concern the sound, which is compared to the original songs often more clear and powerful. Especially the guitars stick out and some instruments appear to have been played a bit cleaner. Those who are now afraid that the raw character of the original songs got lost, can calm down. It is still there and all in all it suits the songs very well because they do sound even more powerful and brutal.

However, something else really borders on pain and thatīs the extremely short play time of only 22 minutes. All the more enjoyable then that with every CD comes a gift coupon for a free shirt, which you can easily order by mail – well, you still have to pay the postage.

The problem of Aggressive Past is the concept itself. Given that the songlist consists solely of cover versions, which are very similar to the originals without even daring a reinterpretation at all, one or the other might wonder why he or she would need this album instead of buying the original songs (if available) – especially in times when you can LEGALLY download also single tracks. Those who donīt mind that and love to take a ride into the īaggressive pastī, can go ahead and buy this album.

1. Speeches1
2. Strategic Warhead
3. Live Lock
4. Feel like a man
5. Speeches2
6. Pledge of Allegiance
7. Consume
8. Speeches3
9. Murder
10. Like Rats
11. Oblivion Decends
12. Evolved as one
13. Itīs a M.A.N.S. World
14. Speeches4

Andreas Fuchs

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