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Titel / Title GemmaGemma 
Label fm music, Bad Zell (OÖ)  
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Austria in 2002, a few classmates get together and form a band – Krautschädl was born. Now the band presents their third album “GemmaGemma”. In their home country and in Bavaria they already have a steady fanbase and their songs are played on the radio. The band itself calls their sound GoschnRock because they sing in their Upper Austrian dialect (Goschn=mouth). Their music consists of many genres, creatively assembled and very hard to put into a certain category. Besides many rock-y guitar riffs there´re soft acoustic sounds and with the Cowboysong even some contry-style pickings. And there´s a beautiful ballad, too (Khoids Wossa = Cold Water). Not too bad are Donzn am Firn (Dancing on Firn) and WWL, however, Da Hüttnhit, which consists only of the word ´Ne´ would´ve been better left off the album – luckily it lasts only 1´22. Those who like German-speaking music and GoschnRock would be well advised to give the guys of Krautschädl a chance.

Sandy Mahrer

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