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General Chaos

Titel / Title Calamity Circus  
Label Cyclone Empire 
Total run time
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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A brand new act, yet there are some "old-timers" in the line-up - or better, it´s an all-star project that releases its debut here. And indeed, what a circus, yet there are no calamities to be found. Eleven pure Death´n´Roll granades explode in your audio channels. Groove, tough guitars, melodies and brutal HC style-ish shout vocals (inevitable connotation: Pantera) are combined to an irresistible mixture. When seeking comparisons with other bands, names like Crowbar, Soilwork or even the early In Flames pop up... which means, a totally cool CD, total ear candy, will be rotating in my sound machine more often. Good. Absolutely recommendable. Buy it. The only negative aspect: TOO SHORT! WANNA MORE!

The only information still missing is the personell behind this all-star project: Hendrik Bache and Florian Mueller (both git - Dew-Scented), Antek (dr - Such a Surge, Revolver), Henrik Schwaninger (bass - Revolver) and Tephra-singer Ercüment.
... any more questions?

Klaudia Weber

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