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My Name is Music

Titel / Title We are Terrorists 
Label Pate, Edel 
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We Are Terrorists is the second album by My Name Is Music, the project of Phoebe Hall and Niki Altmann. Already after their debut album the duo from Vienna was compared to genre big names like The White Stripes and the Ting Tings and thus achieved successes in Germany, Austria and even in the UK and the US. For all those who donīt know My Name Is Music yet, those aforementioned bands are a good orientation aid and also the bandīs new album takes the same line. However, the music isnīt as rock-y as the one from the White Stripes and not as infectious as the one from the Ting Tings.

Especially, the vocals are too electronically distorted with some tracks. Even though, I have to say, this wouldnīt have been necessary at all because Phoebe Hallīs voice does already sound very interesting. The tunes Paralysed by You and Straight and Simple are my recommendations and in my opinion they are the best songs of the whole album. Kill the Beat, however, is a song that the record doesnīt really need. Plus, I think the band should think over song titles like Killing an Arab and We are Terrorist again, even though the lyrics have some truth in them.

The album ends with two slow songs, We are Terrorists and Little Girl, which leave the listener with a rather bitter aftertaste. I wouldīve preferred a faster song to conclude the record, just to lift the spirits again. All in all, an interesting album with diverse pieces of music. Right up the alley for all friends of electro pop.

Sandy Mahrer

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