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Titel / Title Cheer-Ups for the Stressed and Depressed 
Label PinkInk/CapitolEastRoad / Radar 
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So, this album is supposed to serve as a ´Cheer-up for the Stressed and Depressed´ – well, I´m in the right mood today, with all the rain outside. The bandname makes me secretly hope for a rock´n´roll outfit, somehow playing cool music. But all my hope is knocked on the head when I read what music is really waiting for me. Indie, Alternative that is and the whole thing from Austria/Germany.

The first notes of the debut album by Tattooine are already pretty soft and this goes through the whole album. Soft piano and guitar sounds, accompanied by Stephan Nico´s pleasant voice. Even though the songs are pretty simple in their composition, the mix of uplifting pop and a touch of melancholy can convey just the right musical feeling. With Speaks in Tongues there´s also a faster song on the album. The lyrics are mostly about love, which has to take several detours before it can unfold.

Taking the whole album, I must say, however, that it becomes a bit monotonous. The songs resemble each other quite a lot and to be honest, the album didn´t manage to help me to get rid of my ´stressed and depressed´ feelings.

Sandy Mahrer

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