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The Rudes

Titel / Title Elevator up 
Label My Redamption / Cargo 
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Already with the first song I Want More, the band takes off like a rocket. Also the second song Drowning is full of power. If it goes on like that, those guys will have at least on more fan. The third song Change sends best wishes to Sweden, to the Hellacopters who despite disbanding in 2008 still have a huge influence on these guys.

Elevator Up is the second album of the Germans from The Rudes. The album was self-produced by the band and I canīt really find any points of critique; it convinces musically from the first second on. This little gem is published via the label of their friends in the band Cashless. If you look at the current situation at record labels this decision was maybe not such a bad idea. Those who buy Elevator Up can expect an album full of power and cool music – you wont get bored, thatīs a promise. Simply awesome!

Sandy Mahrer

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