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Titel / Title A Coming Storm 
Label TwoLouder/FinestNoise/ Cargo 
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Even though A Coming Storm was already published by the band itself in May 2010, the album will now reach a wider audience due to the fact that the band has finally found a distributor who brings their ībabyī to the market. Winterstorm formed in 2008 and already their bandname embodies two things, influences of the cold north and power metal. Thatīs exactly what the guys from Germany play, mixed with Viking, Folk and elements from medieval music. After a long search, Alexander Schirmer became the bandīs new singer in 2009.

Winterstorm remind me a lot of Kamelot and maybe I can even hear some Hammerfall influences, too, which are, however, not of such a high quality. Especially, in low vocal ranges, Alexander Schirmerīs voice simply falls flat. He canīt fulfil the requirements that it takes to come even close to the voice of Roy Khan (Kamelot). Well, heīs not supposed to be a copy but still... Musically, Winterstorm are not that bad and their compositions are eclectic and sophisticated. However, somehow it seems as if I have heard everything way too many times before or maybe there are just too many similar bands around? The song Winterhumppa when sung in Finnish couldīve easily come from Finntroll, too. Friends of power metal, see or hear it for yourselves and decide whether Winterstorm meet your demands or not.

Sandy Mahrer

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