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Mirror Of Deception

Titel / Title A Smouldering Fire 
Label Cyclone Empire 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Doom Metal Bands must have this extreme longevity or their careers develop as stringily as the rhythm of their music... Also Mirror of Deception from Göppingen, Germany (near Stuttgart), founded 1990 by the two guitarists Michael S. and Jochen F., have many ups and downs in their band history - and they could claim that they experienced more changes of labels than in the line-up. Their fourth official longplayer named "A Smouldering Fire" was released right in time to celebrate the 20th band anniversary - and should be part of every Doom fanīs record collection already. For all those who are not quite into this genre, I have to admit that I had to cope with the clean and high sound of drummer Jochen M.īs voice first (yes, itīs a band with a singing drummer!) - but itīs a perfect fit and probably the trademark of this band. Itīs this unusual aggressiveness, the sense for melodies and this touch of Folk that makes this act exceptional. Thereīs this Irish Folk feeling on "Bellweathers in Mist", and you cannot help thinking of German "Medieval" bands like Subway to Sally hearing "Lauernder Schmerz" (with German lyrics). Therefore you should risk an ear (or two)!

Klaudia Weber

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