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Titel / Title One Way Out 
Label Worm Hole Death 
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On their debut album One Way Out, RAVENSCRY rely on a well-done mixture out of melodic and progressive metal, which sounds poppy but in a positive way. Actually, the album can be easily played as background soundtrack while doing other things but if you take a closer listen, it offers many technically interesting details, especially on the guitar front. “One Way Out” gets really good, when the band here and there abandons progressive song structures in favour of a bit more catchiness, like they nicely did on “A Starless Night”. Most of the songs are, however, in the intersection of catchy, not too heavy melodies and discreet brachial undertones – a mix with which RAVENSCRY should be able to please a huge audience. Everyone will have fun with these lively, positive sounding songs – and because that´s exactly what RAVENSCRY are looking for, one could think they´ve reached their goal. But the Italians do have very critical lyrics, addressing many current topics and thus, it´s firstly worth having a look at the lyrics, too and secondly, this gives the band another dimension, a deepness which you didn´t know there was after the first listen.

Markus Seibel, transl. Tatjana Ziegler

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