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The Poodles

Titel / Title Performocracy 
Label Frontiers Records 
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You can only be envious about the career those four Swedes have made so far. Even though the band only formed in 2005, the admirers of rock’n’roll managed to play in the same league with the big names in the shortest of time. In their home country, they already had a few top 10 hits and with every new album more were added. Now The Poodles deliver with Perormancracy, a hybrid word of ‘performance’ and ‘democracy’, their fourth studio album and that only half a year after their last release, a live cd and a dvd.

Already the first notes of the new record are very promising. Right away the usual The Poodles sounds come out of the speakers: awesome guitar riffs, catchy melodies and lyrics that stick to your brain immediately. This goes through the whole album and I can tell you, that hours, well, even days later, you still have the songs with you in your mind like one of those horrible radio earworms. But those who think that the Poodles can only play fast and rock-y songs is totally wrong because the band can also do it soft like with the heartbreaking ballad As Time is Passing. A very beautiful song.

Already on March 7th, the first single Cuts Like A Knife was published, which couldn’t represent the whole album any better. It’s obvious that the band stayed true to themselves and also to their producer Mats Valentin. Another brilliant album from Sweden, which will give The Poodles even more top chart positions.

Sandy Mahrer

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