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Poly Styrene

Titel / Title Generation Indigo 
Label Future Noise Music 
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The older ones among you might still remember. In the end of the 70s, a brand new musical genre and lifestyle emerged in the UK, experts call it Punk. One of the bands that put their mark on the growing scene were the X-Ray Spex. Their trademarks: Singer Poly Styrene and a saxophone. After only one album, Germfree Adolescents from 1978, the group sadly disbanded a year later. But Classics like Oh, Bondage! Up Yours or Identity will forever be the bandīs legacy.

Now in 2011, the legendary frontlady publishes another solo album. Itīs called Generation Indigo and itīs filled with very enjoyable electrorockpop. Not much is left of the old punk heritage except maybe the length of the songs (max. 3,5 minutes) and some critical lyrics. Instead, Mrs. Styrene shines with pleasant sounding vocals, a very relaxed atmosphere and catchy choruses – this catchiness, however, mostly is based on simple repeat tactics of single phrases, which might annoy one or the other listener.

To file this album strictly under electrorockpop, wouldnīt do it much justice because the former punk legend takes the trouble to cover several genres on this album. Thus, you have besides the classical electro pop songs (Luv Your Sneakers, Virtual Boyfriend), also some with reggae character (Generation Indigo, Colour Blind, No Rockefeller; featuring a guest vocalist) and even some, which are reminiscent of long forgotten days (White Gold, Thrash City). Funnily, with those rock tunes, Poly regresses to old habits when it comes to the vocals. This is where the fun starts (at least for me)! With Electric Blue Monsoon, a quiet a cappella piece with finger snipping and background choir, the album slowly sneaks towards its end.

Bottom line: A versatile feel good album, which hopefully wonīt be the last from Poly Styrene.

Kathleen Gransalke

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