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Lake of Tears

Titel / Title Illwill 
Label AFM Records 
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It has been a long, long time! To be exact, four full years, thatīs how long fans of the Swedish dark rock pioneers Lake of Tears had to wait and hope for a new album. Now, finally, it is here. Illwill is the bandīs next strike.

From the beginning on, one can hear that the new record, compared with the last one Moons & Mushrooms, is a lot heavier. Ten powerful songs somewhere in the middle between gothic, metal, rock and punk are at the center of a complete package that never gets boring. With the title track Illwill you get besides great music a chorus that you wont forget and The Hating shines with some high class heavy metal riffing. Beautiful and rock-y guitar solos are provided by U.N.S.A.N.E and Out Of Control.

But my two personal favourites are the quiet House of the Setting Sun, which is just terribly beautiful with its melancholic guitar riffs and gloomy dark vocals, and the faster Behind the Green Door”, which showcases Daniel Brennareīs clean vocals – he shifts between a deep and a high voice – best. Too bad that there arenīt any more songs in that vocal style because if you have a voice that sounds like that in deep ranges, you should definitely use it more often. It could, for example, easily replace all those spoken vocals and shouts that come up over and over again in the songs. But thatīs, as usual, a matter of taste. All in all, the new album has turned out rather nicely and you should check it out yourselves.

Sandy Mahrer

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