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Titel / Title The Halls of our Ancient Fathers 
Label unsigned 
Total run time
26 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Celtachor, hailing from Dublin, are inspired by Irish mythology and thus, combine traditional Irish instruments with a blend of black, doom and folk metal. The idea as such is really awesome – and I really canīt come up with any other band that mixes tin whistles and bodhrans (Irish frame drum) with blackmetal – however, Celtachor have some difficulties translating that idea to music.

In my opinion, all the different instruments donīt really harmonise with each other. For example, with Rise of Lugh, the tin whistle simply lags behind a little too much. As I said, the single elements donīt really fit to one another. The same is true also for the vocals, which I find unsuitable. Those spoken growls sound totally out of place. Of course, itīs widely known that in blackmetal itīs not necessary to have a good voice but at least there should be something about the vocals that make it special.

So, dear Celtachor, I hope youīre not angry with me now: the idea is just great but thereīs still room for improvement when taking the idea to musical reality. Donīt give up and keep on fine-tuning your sound. Maybe itīs simply not my taste of music but with the CD cover youīre already on the right track.

Sandy Mahrer

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