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Titel / Title Faithsedge 
Label Scarlet Records 
Total run time
48 min 
Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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What you get to hear from the first notes on, sounds very promising and it, luckily, stays that way throughout the whole album. Faithsedge is the name of this new outfit, which can be filed under hard rock/progressive. On offer is some profound music and a singer who you could listen to for an eternity. With a very pleasant voice frontman Giancarlo Floridia brings every song to life on this debut album. Even though, the record does have some variation, in my opinion, it could still be a bit more. In any case, this album will also please one or the other power metal fan. Itīs also pretty obvious from where Faithsedge hail – the sound is very US American but still, they might bring some fresh air to the scene and one can only hope that the band will soon make their way to Europe for a tour. Recommended tracks are pretty easily picked: Another Chance and Take You Away.

Sandy Mahrer

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