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Eden weint im Grab

Titel / Title Geysterstunde I 
Label Winter Solitude / Danse Macabre / Alive 
Total run time
63:11 min. 
Vö/Release06 / 05 / 2011 
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His name is Blake. Alexander Paul Blake. His mission: do dig the Eden out of the grave, sobbing and worm-infested, but despite the morbidity presenting a lunatic charm offering to a macabre poetry not unwilling audience. Formerly, perhaps in a drawer, which could be called as "Gothic Dark Metal", Eden weint im Grab developed through the years into a form out of any usual specification. For the metalhead too lyric, for the poet too metal, for the mainstream too bizarre, this band likes to sit between the chairs - and talks to whom? To the dark souls and friends of dark romantic, who dive just off the beaten musical patterns and habits for pearls?

The first tunes of the oncoming disc can remind up at first unobtrusively a little to Lacrimosa. Until the vocal use of the man at the microphone, which - though in his other grave-external projects he likes to use a sonorous clean voice - at Eden weint im Grab screams with a hoarse hissing cawing like a fresh hatched Zombie.

Title 2 "Moritat des Leierkastenmannes (Ballad of the hurdy-gurdy man)" goes into a direction of "Kurt Weill rocks" and could be watched as a catchy brand new video at You Tube under Who is not too distracted by that optical lure, may find that the acoustic part of the song - after it has spread its charm - after a while begins to stagnate in a kind of repeating loop. Fortunately, the album offers a lot of different ideas, what solace that many songs start sparkling and imaginative, but in the course no longer offer other surprises.

But basically, the Berlin ensemble wrote another piece of fascinating peculiar German Romanticism, oscillating between recitation and Rock, and between metaphors and Metal always dominates the text, spoken and singing, hiss, whisper. You like it or there is nothing in it - in any case, the band develops steadily and goes its own personal journey.

1. Geysterstunde
2. Moritat des Leierkastenmanns
3. Armee der Wiedergänger
4. Die Knochenmühle
5. Ein Requiem in Sepia
6. Feuer-Inferno (Vision Swedenborgs 1759)
7. Nautilus
8. Der Galgenvogel
9. Gespenster-Revue im Theater Obszön
10. Friedhof der Sterne
11. Irrfahrt durchs Leichen-Labyrinth
12. Taphephobie
13. Tango Mortis
14. Der Nachtalb – Eine finstere Heimsuchung
15. Gang durch ein modriges Beinhaus

Andreas Torneberg

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