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Titel / Title Hateflesh Demo 
Label unsigned 
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Vö/Releasebereits erschienen / already released 
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Those who think that only music that fits to the local opera festival can come out of the Finnish town of Savonlinna, is proven wrong with this young band from the Saimaa lake district. The difference between Hateflesh and opera couldnīt be any bigger. Formed only in 2009, the band now releases its second demo and with it, gives a glimpse into their repertoire in the form of four new pieces.

Hateflesh stand for old school death metal with partly very melodic influences. On their website they themselves describe their music as deathīnīroll and I find thatīs the best possible description. Brilliant guitar riffs and just the right rhythm give the songs their extra cool vibe. On top of it, singer Henkka has the perfect death metal voice at his disposal (I know his voice from one of his former projects and I can attest that he has improved quite a bit).

The four songs make clear that Hateflesh harmonise very well with each other and are certainly on their way to achieve a lot with their music. Maybe they could still work on sticking out from the masses a tiny bit more. For example, they could bring in some more unusual, out of the ordinary elements or consider making more use of clean vocals. I could imagine that it would fit nicely to their musical style. The song Bloodred Stained is therefore my favourite song because, in the beginning, it has quite a lot to offer vocally and only then goes back to the typical death metal growls. But all in all, a wicked sound.

Sandy Mahrer

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